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Replacing failed Hydrovar inverters

Let’s start by calling it – the previous generation of Hydrovar inverters had a flaw.  Sometimes when the power to the inverters is turned off (power cut/maintenance/repair etc) the inverter won’t turn on again afterwards.  What follows next is difficult explanations about why a perfectly working inverter has suddenly failed after the maintenance engineer worked on the booster set.  Well here’s the inside secret that you need to help you explain it: the inverters have a capacitor inside which (in certain conditions) blows up when you turn the Hydrovar off.  And you can’t repair it.


The next hurdle to overcome is that Xylem don’t sell the previous generation of Hydrovar inverters any more, and the new generation aren’t compatible with the old ones.  You can get a communications card to help but it’s not straightforward.  And even if you do get it working, you still have at least one old inverter which is liable to fail next time the power is shut off.  So realistically, usually all of the inverters get replaced.  Multiple Hydrovar inverters = big bill coming your way.


If you’re lucky enough to have read this before doing anything about the problem then the good news is, with this knowledge under your belt you’re just about to save a lot of time, money and failed inverter replacement attempts.  There’s a much better solution…


Working with the fantastic technical team at Invertek Drives Ltd ( we developed our own pump specific program.  We then designed a panel with in-built Invertek inverters.  How do you fix your failed Hydrovar?  You remove all of the Hydrovar inverters, install a new control panel and connect the pumps directly into the panel.  This will cost you less money, save you time on site, and give a much better final result to the customer.


The cost of a dual pump booster set control panel with built in drives costs around the same price as a single Hydrovar inverter.  It really is that good.  Want to prove it for yourself?  Contact us for a sample panel now!


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