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We are always listening to clients to find out ways to improve. See below at some of the changes we've made recently.

Waste Water Control Panel

One of the most common control panels in the industry, see the toolless connections with no cable ferrules needed, lifetime guaranteed stepping relay, two beacon connections, isolator shaft guide and shrouded incoming power terminals to protect operatives.


For years we have been asked for a solution to the problems with existing telemetry system.  We've spent countless hours solving these problems in:

1. They're expensive - adding in some type of remote monitoring could increase the cost by £100's or even £1000's.

2. Connectivity - sometimes there is no mobile signal so a SIM card doesn't work.

3. Complicated - when trying to install a control panel in difficult conditions, setting up complex systems is very challenging!

4. Subscriptions - for the pump industry, software subscriptions don't work.

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