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Technologies we work with

These systems are available for all of the control panels we build


A finished control panel made by G&G Controls.

Single/three phase motor control

Level control eg. float switches, ultrasonic

Direct on line, star/delta start, soft start, or inverter-driven

ATEX rated components where required

Parts stocked for panels with up to 200A capacity

We work with all low voltages (<1000V) both AC and DC, and analogue and digital signals

Can be supplied built into kiosks


A Siemens PLC

PLC specification and programming

We work with all major PLC brands

PLCs usually used for more complex systems, or when information is extracted for use elsewhere

Expansion modules mean that one PLC can handle dozens of inputs and outputs

Provides a straightforward way of accessing data across the LAN, or the WAN with the addition of a gateway

Contact us for advice on which PLC solution is best for you


A panel designer works at her desk.

Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and GSM

Access your control panel from anywhere in the world

Receive information, send commands, even re-program devices remotely

Our own software and server structure, so we can customise it completely to your needs

Create dashboards for your sites/systems

Make remote access of industrial controls as simple as consumer products



Variable speed drives integrated into panels and pre-programmed

We can advise on how to configure systems for lower energy usage

Use with monitoring systems for a 360-view of energy usage

Energy-saving controls should be built in to wider plan - running variable speed drives at full speed doesn't reduce energy usage!


2 people review remote monitoring of a control panel.

Our own custom-built server structure and dashboard platform

Choose from text/email alerts through to full dashboard

Interrogate data to assist in making real-time decisions

Gain insights into your electrical equipment behaviour and usage

Instant notification of faults

All completely customisable to your application


Code being written for a control panel PLC.

In-house programmers to configure systems to your needs

End-to-end design and fulfilment including hardware and software

We work with all common programming languages, such as C, C++, C#, Python, Java, SQL

Collaboration with university programs to provide cutting edge technology to our clients


A finished control panel made by G&G Controls.

Factory-configured control panels provided ready to connect to your existing systems

Integrate with any building management system, from volt-free contacts through to MODBUS, PROFIBUS, etc.

In-house technical support able to provide telephone advice to site teams for any queries

Important to establish any integration required at the design stage, so that the panel can be optimised for the integration protocol required


A control panel wiring diagram.

All panels supplied with a wiring diagram produced in-house

Our own laser engraver for custom labels on the panel

Design and build all in-house for complete control of the process

Speak to one of our controls experts to turn your idea to reality

No previous controls experience required to design your panel with us

Provide added value to your clients by having a control panel that's unique to you


A controller for a control panel.

Design and programming of touchscreens

Take your control panel to the next level by adding a 7" full colour touchscreen

Touchscreens available with built-in PLCs for a cost-effective panel with lots of capabilities

Include your logo on the touchscreen to maximise the branding potential on your system

Build in your added value features, such as help pages or how-to guides

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