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Wago lever terminals – a new era for control panels

Screw terminals should be done up to a specific torque given by the manufacturer.

Fires are caused by screw terminals that aren’t tightened up enough.

Hours are spent tracing intermittent faults back to loose screw terminals.

Screws get tightened onto insulation rather than copper.

Maintenance is required for screw terminals (i.e. checking the torque), but very rarely gets done.


Familiar?  You must have worked on electrics.


Then screwless terminals came along.  A good improvement, but not without their challenges.


And then came Wago ( lever terminals.  Solving all of these problems in one go.


Anyone who’s used the Wago lever connector blocks doesn’t need convincing about their benefits.  So as soon as we discovered they were made in a din rail mounted form, they were used in our panels.  Every panel.


Contact us now for a sample panel to see what a difference they can make for you!


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