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A control panel on a plain background.

Electrical controls for building services

Bespoke electrical control panel manufacturer located in Britain

Next day delivery

Design, program, build

In-house technical support

Fast turnaround

What we offer

We design and build control panels, doing all the specification and technical work for you.

The G&G Controls production facility in Stoke-on-Trent.

Why choose G&G Controls

Industry experience

We've worked with most building services requirements, such as BMS, smoke control, pressure boosting, wastewater etc) so can advise on industry norms.

Enabling technology for you

The combination of hardware and software knowledge means we incorporate latest technology alongside traditional controls.

Design and build in-house

We design circuit diagrams, panel layouts, PLC programs and HMI designs in house. And then we make them.

Consistent production quality

We've been making control panels for over 20 years, and have fine-tuned our production and testing processes along the way.

Technologies we work with

Recent projects completed



  • How much does a control panel cost?
    With such a wide variety of options and features, the cost varies hugely but is usually between £100-£30,000 per panel for projects we work on. We've put together a page to give an idea of what your panel will cost, head over to our pricing page to read that.
  • What are the typical things that go wrong with a control panel project?
    Understandably, some people are nervous when getting involved in a control panel design for the first time, or perhaps switching to us from a long-standing supplier who's well-acquainted with their particular panels. Actually it's almost always seamless! If anything does go wrong, it's probably one of these: 'Outcomes' of the panel aren't clarified up front (eg. you don't want the panel to run at night - easily built in to the design, as long as we know it's needed) Installers don't have a full understanding of the requirements. If we receive a brief from a project manager, say, then put together a design to achieve that brief, sometimes the brief isn't also communicated to the installer so they don't understand why the panel does what it does. Network coverage. For smart/network-enabled panels with a sim card, sometimes a provider doesn't have great coverage in the location where the panel is being installed. There's a couple of websites you can use to check which provider has the best coverage, and then use one of their sim cards to fix this problem. Deliveries are delayed. This point has been added for 2021 - getting hold of electronics has become more challenging through the year, fortunately our strong supply chain and stock holding has meant we're able to weather the storm in the main, or at least offer alternative brands of products when deliveries are held up.
  • What's the best component manufacturer to use?
    Big question. You're usually best off with the 'big name' brands (Schneider, ABB, etc) but not always. It mainly depends on what your priorities are - generally a balance of quality, availability and price (in that order of importance) is what's needed, and this often means alternatives are actually better. For example, the main brands have been running lower on stock recently while high quality alternatives have been more readily available.
  • How does G&G Controls compare to other manufacturers?
    OK, so we're not asked this directly very much, but less direct questions often amount to the same thing! We are a mid-sized UK manufacturer. Our factory is set up to be able to do small runs of panels (ones and twos) as well as larger production runs. And as mentioned above, a typical panel costs anywhere from £100-£30,000, so we're not averse to making small panels while we have the capability to make reasonably large ones. Medium voltage switchgear (1000V+) to supply an industrial estate though? Not really our thing.
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