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Changing the SIM card in a Conta Clip GSM

The Conta Clip GSM units are locked to the provider so the SIM card cannot just be swapped out, the device needs to be re-programmed.

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Changing networks remotely is accomplished by uploading a new configuration to the module prior to changing the SIM card. Once the module reboots with the new configuration it will go offline because the APN settings will be incorrect for the old SIM card. The card is then swapped and after rebooting the unit should come back online with the new provider. 


Connection needs to be made to the GSM, either by a site visit with a  laptop,  micro USB connection cable and the software, or by a working SIM card.

While it sounds simpler in principle to connect via the SIM, remote SIM changes are challenging, so a hard wired connection to change the details is much more reliable.  


The software can be downloaded from the Conta Clip website here: Downloads (

Alternatively, if that doesn't work, paste this link into your browser:


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