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How to set up Telemetrix


There is almost no difference installing a Telemetrix panel to any other dual pump control panel. If it's 230v, on the isolator, use L1 for live and L2 for neutral. If it's 400v, follow L1, L2, L3 and safely terminate the neutral. Earth points on the terminals can be used plus the earth studs inside the panel can be used.

Connect the panel via WiFi

You will need your WiFi name and password.

  1. Connect to the panel WiFi called 'TELEMETRIX Pxxxxxx'. The password is on the label on the inside of the door.

2a. Either scan this QR code:

And enter the Username: "admin", Password shown on the label on the inside of the door.


2b. OR open your device browser and enter '' to connect to the router. Enter the username: "Admin", password shown on the label on the inside of the door. Change from Basic to Advanced at the top of the page. On the far left find 'Status', directly underneath is 'Network', click on this. Click 'Wireless', (fourth on the list).

3. Click 'Add' on the bottom right.

​4. Complete these details (in the General Setup tab) 

  1. Enable: on
  2. Mode: Client
  3. ESSID: Your WiFi name
  4. Leave BSSID blank
  5. Password: Your WiFi password
  6. Network: "Auto (wifi0)"

5. Click 'Save and Apply'

6. Allow up to 5 minutes for TELEMETRIX to run auto-setup.

7. Now test the notifications are working by triggering an alarm and receiving the notification.

To connect the panel via LAN ethernet cable - plug it into the broadband.


To connect the panel via SIM card - put the SIM card into the router.

Once the panel is connected to the internet using one of these methods, the contact details provided will start receiving these notifications:

  • Pump 1 Trip

  • Pump 2 Trip

  • High Level Alarm

  • Panel offline

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