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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change the contact details for notifications?

Contact with the P number of your panel which will be on a label inside the panel. 

We are working towards allowing contact details to be changed through a dashboard, this feature will be released in 2025.

Is Telemetrix suitable for all pump panels?

Currently Telemetrix is suitable for single or dual pump DOL scenarios only.  We are working towards increasing the range.


Can I add Telemetrix to my existing panel?

The beauty of Telemetrix is the price - it's cheaper than even a stand alone full service telemetry.  So where Telemetrix is required, it's recommended to replace the existing panel.  

Do I need extra training to install Telemetrix?

No, Telemetrix can be installed by any component and trained installer as it's almost identical to installing any other waste water DOL control panel.  No extra training courses are required.


How do I set up WIFI on Telemetrix

We have a dedicated set up page here:

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